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Sent Folder, CHS by way of... Bellville-Houston TX, Summer 2023

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

"Sent Folder" is a collection of personal rec's emailed to friends & fam for their upcoming trip to town. Suggestions are by no means extensive. For context into the selections, short snippets about our dear travelers are below.

Sent on Bastille Day 2023 -- To: Family friends visiting from the Houston, Texas area -- They're staying for a week, and will be based on Folly for this trip. A fun family of four, well-travelled, open-minded, children home-schooled in the classical system. Their son is finishing up high school, and their daughter's starting her second year in college. They're considering buying a place in town..!

Dear Travellers:

Hey, y'all - Looking forward to hanging with you again -- this time, in our town!

I'm not listing the big famous restaus, nor the biggest things to see/do here. Anyone can look those up online, and I'll leave you to discern what speaks to you -- Please do, however, ask us if you want our local tie-breaking votes.


Folly Beach

  • Taco Boy is so fun to visit, and to dine in

  • We can't speak about the food (haven't had a plate there yet), but a drink and chill at Chico Feo's is so laid-back and shack-y in the best way.

  • The most convenient fish-fry to you is Bowen's Island Restaurant. It's comfy and rustic, with the laid-back shore-to-table feel -- expect paper plates and fry-sweats afterwards -- we mean that in the best way -- and top it off with an ice cold, local beer. (Our personal fave for a place like this, is The Wreck in Mt. P!)

  • Get merch/souvenirs from Bert's Market.

Folly Beach Recreation:

  • Serenity Tree Yoga does donation-based Yoga classes on Folly Beach. Love them!

  • Club Pilates on James Island has free, 30-minute intro/reformer classes.

  • Kayak and Fishing tours abound... You'll have to let me know if Capt. Redfish Wild Bill is still running fishing tours.


Central Downtown - Walking / Touring

  • The Aiken-Rhett House Museum (image above) - our favorite historic home with one of the best, most sensitive and inclusive interpretation.

  • Explore homes and neighborhoods along the Waterfront Park Pier and Pineapple Fountain -- Longitude Lane, Elliott Street, Wandering around the South of Broad Neighborhood. The City Gallery has free admission, and is located directly across from the Pineapple Fountain. RLS Gallery + Vendue are a few steps away, as well.

  • The CofC Campus is romantic - walk to the Cistern, and roam the pedestrian paths behind it to see beautiful homes, including the yellow Victorian Doll/Gingerbread, Sottile House.

  • CofC also has a free natural history museum? Haven't been yet. But I can recommend walking into the Halsey Institute and the Hallways along St. Philip Street, to view Student Work.

  • Actor Bill Murray is an owner of The Riverdogs, a local baseball team, also with great merch. You might see him there!

  • p.s.'s and p.p.s.'s are at the bottom of this message!


Central Downtown - Eating

  • Just reach out. Again, it's easy to find reviews and opinions online -- we're happy to give tie-breaker votes. Editor's Note: On this trip, our couple chose Poogan's!

  • Shrimp n grits (above), she-crab soup, sweet tea, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, crab cakes, are lowcountry classics.

  • Daytime: Sorelle: The Mercato's grab 'n go -- get the lemon pastry/dessert and a chai. Mercato + Restaurant is top-notch -- inspiring interiors, great food and service, crunchy arancini. Must-see.

  • Daytime: Goat. Sheep. Cow. -- tucked-away cheese, charcuterie, baguette, sando shop -- Church St. location is on foot, grab n go, but take the meal with you to one of the parks. You'll need to drive to the Meeting St. location, it is sit-down with tons more options, and free parking.

  • Daytime: reminds me, I haven't been to Queen Street Grocery or Brown Dog Deli in a while!

  • Something to see, and if you have $1 bills + something to write with - The Griffon pub - right next to the waterfront park fountains.

  • Tommy Condon's is our favorite pub -- Corned Beef, vibe, irish coffees, and music -- especially if The Bograts are playing a set!

  • Azur - if we had to pick just two things -- try their croquettes and cocktails (and food, and pastries, and see their gorgeous interior -- designed by their daughter, studying in Spain!) They also own Bistronomy, a french restau, in a more residential neighborhood downtown.

  • For a good burger n skinny fries inside a fun-modern-Parisian vibe: Felix Cocktails + Cuisine.

  • For special occasions: Seafood Tower at The Ordinary.

  • Asian (4 places): Xiao Bao Biscuit; see if Nico Cagalanan is doing a Filipino pop-up at Baguette Magic; Ma'am Saab. Haven't been to Pink Bellies yet, but heard good things.

  • Haven't been yet - but there's a food hall on Market Street: Port of Call Market + Food Hall.

  • Love the design of the Living Room Bar downstairs at The Dewberry, and their rooftop Citrus Club.

  • Brunch, great interior-exterior vibe and cocktails: Frannie + The Fox.

  • Best girlie times: + High Tea, or, just Cocktails at Camellias (the pink bar!) in The Hotel Bennett, + The Honey Hive for really great desserts and cocktails.


Tons of shopping along King Street

  • Free People, Anthro, most of your faves

  • Consignment shop: Ensemble -- so fun, and, they post on Insta, so you can still shop even after your trip!

  • The Preservation Society of Charleston (storefront on King) -- for beautiful, locally designed and made goods. You'll usually see feather bowties / accessories in the window -- this is who I used to work and design for! A wonderful crew.

  • We like The Charleston Mall for unique gifts and estate sale pieces -- 161 King Street, it doesn't look like 'a shopping mall,' it has a deep blue-black, nondescript exterior.

  • Buxton Books (across from The Charleston Mall as a landmark) - for your beach reads.

  • IBU Movement, located upstairs - global textiles, dresses, accessories


Keeping these light...

Mt. Pleasant

  • Nick's German Kitchen: It's a hike from Folly, but if you find yourself there, Nick's is a sweet little spot with great service. You can brush up on your German as the menu is also presented in the language, with native speakers as servers (at least the past few times we've been!)! This is probably the only email subscription newsletter I keep - and read! Editor's Note: The family has German roots!

  • The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene is our favorite fried food spot.

  • Nico for raw oysters.

North Charleston - near the Airport

  • Codfather: British Fish n Chips

  • Firefly Distillery -- tastings, a great gift shop, and great outdoor venue for live music!

Bonus, or for next time: Wild, True Lowcountry, Edisto Island

  • Botany Bay (image above) is incredible, bring your camera

  • We always love eating at The Sea Cow, delish fish-fry and southern cooking spot. There's also a great surf shop in the same complex.

  • Kayaking the creeks and marshes. If you're feeling daring, swim in the dark river water (a blackwater river) -- the water feels good on your skin.


p.s. and p.p.s.

(don't we all hit 'send' a little too soon, sometimes?)

p.s. Ropemakers Lane is such a sweet spot, mosey down this charming, quiet lane -- Central Downtown.

p.p.s. Also recommend seeing the interior of Urban Outfitters Downtown. It was a historic theatre. Go upstairs and look up -- go down and back to the dressing room area, and look up + down!

We look forward to seeing you. Holler if y'all need anything.

That wraps up this edition of CHS by way of: Bellville-Houston TX. BTW, we didn't even get to talk Carolina BBQ and Brisket! But, temps were a little too warm for that this round... 'Til next time!

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